24" Mirror Machine
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  • Two Mirror-o-Matic motor assemblies, which simplifies table and eccentric belt selection.
  • Easy access to the motor assemblies.

  • Three shafts (2" table, 1" eccentric & 1" vertical arm) tied together with beefy 3" angle iron.

  • Jig to facilitate mirror centering.
jig mirror centering

  • Table (top to bottom)
    • Mirror
    • Outdoor carpet
    • Precision cast (0.005") " aluminum plate
    • 27" diameter ABS drip pan.
    • 26" diameter 3/8" steel plate.
      • With jack screws to adjust the flatness of the precision cast (0.005") " aluminum as measured by a sphereometer.
    • 24" diameter 3/8" steel plate.
    • 14" diameter 1/2" steel plate.
      • With jack screws to adjust the table perpendicular to the shaft as measured by a dial indicator at the top edge of the centered mirror.
    • 6" diameter by 3" coupler to 2" diameter shaft.

  • Integral crane to facilitate mirror handling.
up  down

  • Mirror rotation - every fifteen minutes to prevent astigmatism.
    With edged blanks setting the four cleats with a 0.002" feeler gauage allows the blank to auto rotate.
hand hook  claw out  claw in

  • Cart to facilitate testing
cart horizontal  cart vertical

  • Arm redesigned
    Was having some issues figuring with small sub diameter laps. So redesigned the arm using a counter weighted system as shown, and also redesigned the drip pan.
Thumbnail counter weighted arm

  • Portable - Bolt fasteners allows for complete assembly/disassembly.
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