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SIT_conic_20.xlsm overview

download SIT_Conic.xlsm

click to download the 24 mega byte imageJ input tif file to be used with SIT_Conic.xlsm

  • Olympus E300 Evolt
       Lens mount to CCD: 38.8 mm
       Pixels/inch: 4771
  • Canon T2i EOS Rebel
       Lens mount to CCD: 44 mm
       Pixels/inch: 5905
FigureXp results

SIT Conic Equations [6]

Conic equations

SIT Conic Equations

SIT fixed equations

SIT n and y

SIT Conic Mask Parallax

SIT Simulation Verification Using Sixtests.exe

SIT_ConicSimulate.xlsm which generates Sixtests.exe input is used for the purpose of verification.

  [1]   Karine and Jean-MarcLecleire, A Manual for Amateur Telescope Making.
  [2]   Kodak Spec KAF-8300CE
  [3] mount to CCD spacing
   Recommend saving this webpage to your computer, since it has vanished in the past.
  [4]   Jim Burrows Sixtests.exe
  [5]   Foucault Test by Leon Foucault 1858
  [6]  Conics
Optical Shop Testing Edited by Daniel Malacara, Wiley and Sons, 1978, Appendix 1 page 479, 482
Conic approximation
Conic equations
Conic constant - Schwarzschild constant

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